The Jets and Seahawks Make A Splash

Seahawks Receive: Jamal Adams (S), 2022 4th Round Pick

Jets Receive: 2021 and 2022 1st Round Picks, 2021 3rd Round pick, Bradley McDougald (S)

This “splash” trade of the late offseason is a rare trade that seems to be at least not detrimental to either team. A 2022 4th round pick is around the value that McDougald is worth. A 29-year-old improving safety who’s started 39 games over the last 3 seasons for the Seahawks. He has learned from an organisation who created the “Legion of Boom” and has had the chance to play alongside both Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. This has rewarded McDougald with ever improving play, as he has got 5 of his 10 career interceptions over the last 2 seasons. He is not one of the best in the game, unlike Adams, but he is a good player who will be capable of holding the Jets defence together for the next few seasons before they hope to find a less outspoken version of Adams.

Therefore, the Seahawks essentially gave up two firsts and a 2021 3rd round pick for Adams services. THIS IS A LOT! Especially for a non-QB who has displayed that he will not hold back in criticizing his own team. However, some would argue that Adams’ opinions on the Jets organisation, especially Adam Gase, are not wrong and a competent organisation like the Seahawks will be one Adams will be more comfortable in. Here, Adams will play alongside ex-Lion Quandre Diggs and the last of the Legion of Boom in Bobby Wagner. This is added to with a great corner in Shaquill Griffin. Adams won’t have many complaints about the coaching staff either, head coach Pete Carroll is far superior to Adam Gase and has a Superbowl ring to prove it. To further the argument for Seattle, Adams’ 6.5 sacks would have led the Seahawks last year by 2.5 sacks. That’s pretty incredible for a safety (and incredible that Rasheem Green’s 4 sacks led the Seahawks). Adams also has the ability to cover tight ends and with George Kittle being on the fixture list twice a year, that ability is coveted by the Seahawks.

For a team that is already playoff bound, having a true game changer added on defence is likely what can put them over the top and make them Superbowl bound. This is also important in terms of the draft capital they have given up. A team this good (especially with Adams) is likely to be drafted at best in the mid-to-late 20s. A first round pick of the Seahawks isn’t as valuable as one from the Jaguars for example. To add to this, the Seahawks 1st round picks of late have been underwhelming unlike their late round picks. As Schneider seems to draft in reverse to the other 31 teams (only the Patriots have the same kind of results) a 1st round pick may not be viewed as valuably as from other organisations.  Even though the Seahawks gave up a lot, there is a large possibility that it’s a good trade for them.

The Jets get two first rounders to use in their rebuilding. Adams wanted a massive extension and there is no way he would have received this with the Jets. Therefore, they would have had one year of Adams before he hit free agency and a disgruntled Adams at that. Therefore, trading him now was the only option, especially as the Jets are still a few years from truly challenging whilst they wait for Darnold to develop. However, it will be difficult for the Jets to find even one player of Adams’ calibre with picks in the late 20s but it is possible. The trade can work out for both teams, the Seahawks immediately whilst the Jets could see a large return in the future. It will be a while before we can judge “a winner” but right now it seems both teams will benefit, even if the price was a little high for the Seahawks.

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