Final Record Predictions For All 32 Teams

These are my final record predictions for the NFL. To do this, I went through and predicted every regular season game. If I were to predict the record through how good I think each team is, then 28/32 teams would finish with a record of between 6-10 and 10-6, however, the NFL doesn’t finish like that. Therefore, the records may seem more extreme than other predictions. Playoff predictions will follow tomorrow and award predictions the day after. Enjoy.


Bills: 10-6 (7 Seed)

Yet again they fall just short of dislodging the Patriots who look like division winners with Cam Newton at the helm. They scrape into the playoffs via the brand new 7 seed.

Dolphins: 5-11

Fitzmagic provides some wins after a slow start and hands over to Tua to gain experience ready for next year – the real target.

Jets: 2-14

Darnold continues to see ghosts and the Jets head directly towards a top 4 pick and into the QB-needy team group. Gase joins Doug Marrone as the two coaches fired by week 8. Their talented draft class takes until next year to make a splash.

Patriots: 11-5 (3 Seed)

Belichick creates an offense that works for Newton and the defence, after struggling early, will come together for a late run with rookies Uche and Dugger stealing the show (Uche will be ridiculously good).

AFC West

Broncos: 12-4 (6 Seed)

They are a team to watch. They steel a win from the Chiefs at Mile High and Miller and Chubb become more consistent and more dangerous. (Miller is now out for the season).

Chargers: 2-14

Not a great division to be in and they have a massive whole at safety with Derwin James’ injury (can’t that guy get a break?). They bench Tyrod, though it won’t be his fault, and Herbert disappoints.

Chiefs: 14-2 (1 Seed)

After losing to the Ravens and at a visit to Mile High Stadium (what it will always be called in my mind) they sprint towards the one seed without breaking a sweat. Clyde Edwards-Helaire looks like a top5 pick instead of NO 32, where he actually went.

Raiders: 5-11

Inconsistent team that will lose many close games, they are on the up even if the win column doesn’t show this.

AFC South

Colts: 10-6

Only miss the playoffs through strength of schedule and division record. Rivers signs on for one final year after showing enough talent to keep the Colts interested.

Jags: 1-15

Not even Minshew can save them, the last winless team surprise the Browns in week 12 to gain their only victory.

Texans: 10-6 (4 Seed)

Essentially only reach the playoffs due to getting the better of the Titans. Watson deserves his extension, but he isn’t enough to overcome GM Bill O’Brian.

Titans: 8-8

Tannehill regresses slightly and whilst Henry has a good year, it doesn’t reach the hights of last. A slight regression means 1 more loss in the column from last year.

AFC North

Bengals: 3-13

A week 1 win over the Chargers gives promise, but this team just isn’t ready to compete at a high level, also has a tough division that essentially takes out 6 games of the season. Burrow still looks good for the future, however.

Browns: 10-6

One win from the playoffs, improvement along the O-Line and GM Andrew Berry in hailed as a genius for making the Browns truly competitive, one year away?

Ravens: 13-3 (2 Seed)

Beat the Chiefs early season but can’t hold onto the 1 seed throughout the season. JK Dobbins explodes in time for the playoffs.

Steelers: 12-4 (5 Seed)

The defence powers them to the playoffs, they grab a win against the Ravens. Big Ben is good but not great. Minkah Fitzpatrick enters DPOY conversation.

NFC East

Cowboys: 11-5 (3 Seed)

The Cowboys are very, very good but not a Superbowl team. However, weak division means they coast into the playoffs.

Eagles: 9-7

Wentz can only lift the injury-riddles (ALREADY!) Eagles so high. Brandon Brooks and Andre Dillard out for the year, he’ll be running for his life!

Giants: 1-15

I’m sorry but I have no faith in the Giants this year. I’m still not sold on Daniel Jones and I believe that Saquon will be hounded by all 11 defensive players.

Team: 3-13

The defence is ridiculously good, but the offense is still a year away from being good. Gibson is a breakout candidate at RB. Watch for an upset win over the Ravens after the Ravens dispatch the Chiefs a week prior.

AFC North

Bears: 4-12

Maybe the most lacklustre offense of the entire NFL. This won’t be a good year and Foles doesn’t improve the offense that much when he replaces Trubisky.

Lions: 3-13

No amount of former Patriots will save this team, it’s not that they’re awful, I just don’t trust them in each game. There isn’t two many easy games on the schedule to gain wins, a difficult year for the Lions.

Packers: 10-6

Losses to the Vikings and Bears keep them out the playoffs, maybe if they had a first round pick which helps immediately, they could make the playoffs.

Vikings: 10-6 (4 Seed)

This team gets over the line due to help from newly acquired Ngakoue and the young rookies, Jefferson, Gladney and Dantzler. Helps they only have one Monday Night game this year.

NFC South

Buccaneers: 13-3 (2 Seed)

Old man Brady guides his “Super team” to the playoffs, but once they enter the elimination games, they can’t find the top gear to progress far.

Falcons: 6-10

Defence lets them down again and the lack of a consistently good run game. I apologise to Julio Jones that he is yet again being wasted. They’re still not over 28-3.

Panthers: 5-11

The defence is young, really young. All their rookies are on defence (except for one special teamer). Bridgewater can’t keep up with the other team. At least they’ll be the reason you win a fantasy league with McCaffery.

Saints: 12-4 (5 Seed)

The last unbeaten team, their first loss in week 9 against the Bucs. This is based on them keeping Kamara however.

NFC West

49ers: 11-5 (7 Seed)

They lose early due to injuries they are currently enduring. Once they are healthy they rack up wins, George Kittle continues to be a beast.

Cardinals: 12-4 (6 Seed)

The new team to enter battle with the top teams. Hopkins doesn’t skip a beat and Murray significantly improves. However, it will be their defence that makes this possible, climbing from last to a top 10 result this year.

Rams: 4-12

Goff has been exposed; the defence will be good but nothing special. The Rams are a team of great players, not a great overall team. Too many weak spots, especially at QB. Akers is the glimmer of hope for the future.

Seahawks: 14-2 (1 Seed) The running backs finally stay healthy for a season, the best QB in football proves that fact as well. Adams adds a monster onto that defense, exactly what it needed.

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