2022 First Round Mock Draft

It’s been a while, but what better why to return than with a mock draft. The future of the NFL crafted in front of our very eyes as we turn a look to the soon to be arriving events. These next three days shape franchises, not to mention the lives of the players selected, theContinue reading “2022 First Round Mock Draft”

The 2021 Dream Team

Teams have just finished creating their initial 53-man rosters for the upcoming season. As a result, it’s prediction season for the playoffs, awards and naturally, the Superbowl itself. With this, a question wandered its way into my head: what is the best team that could be made? Now this is not a full-on buffet whereContinue reading “The 2021 Dream Team”

2021-2022 NFL Record Prediction

After going through the schedule game by game, these are the prediction of team records come early January. Following that are the playoff prediction and the Superbowl Champion. AFC North Browns     14-3 Ravens     10-7 Steelers    8-9 Bengals    3-14 AFC East Bills           13-4 Patriots     10-7 Dolphins   10-7 Jets           6-11 AFC South Titans        15-2 Colts         4-13Continue reading “2021-2022 NFL Record Prediction”

Preseason Rookie QBs

With the preseason over, it’s time to dive into the rookie QBs and their outlook on the season. This year’s class featured 5 1st round QBs including the NO.1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence. Trevor Lawrence – Jaguars – Pick 1 “Sunshine” enters the season under the most pressure of the rookie QBs. Often thought toContinue reading “Preseason Rookie QBs”

Purr-fecting Success

In 1995 the Carolina Panthers played their first game in franchise history. Despite the 23-20 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the Panthers became the most successful expansion team in NFL history with a 7-9 record before accelerating towards an NFC Championship game the very next year. The Panthers seemed to be a young team destinedContinue reading “Purr-fecting Success”