2021 First Round NFL Mock Draft

Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence, QB (Clemson) The Jags gain the best prospect at the most important position in the game, simple. 2.New York Jets: Zach Wilson, QB (BYU) They didn’t trade down and have traded Sam Darnold to the Panthers. As a result, the Jets select the next best QB with salivating upside. 3.San FranciscoContinue reading “2021 First Round NFL Mock Draft”

2021 Draft Rankings BY-Position

These are my by-position for the 2021 NFL draft. Top 3 of each position (and top 5 for QBs because of the depth of the class and the positional value). Some players are polar-opposites and would only fit on different teams (interior O-Lineman Vera-Tucker and Davis spring to mind) so the rankings are purely personalContinue reading “2021 Draft Rankings BY-Position”